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For the past 4 years, one or two of my boys has attended your school.  We have come to know many of your exceptional teachers.   We have enjoyed the many school activities and events through the years.  And, most importantly, I have seen the results of the outstanding education my children received at your school. …Thank you for the education, balanced with creativity and fun that they received.  Ben is outstanding in math, and is one of the top readers in his grade…..Thank you for the enlightenment about God that they learned in chapel and the songs they would come home and sing to me.  It made me proud to hear the stories and information they could recite from chapel.   S.K.

I would like to thank the staff for providing an outstanding educational atmosphere and experience.  The Director begins each day reading a devotional passage to set the tone for the day.  What an inspiring way to begin each school day.  No wonder the staff has such bright smiles in the morning.  Thank you for your strong leadership with a soft touch….To the teachers and assistants, thank you for making our children’s first educational experiences fun, all the while building a solid foundation for Kindergarten and beyond.  I never thought my four year old would be able to learn so much about the meaning of Thanksgiving.   C.S.

Thank you so much for loving him as you do all your students and for helping him get the skills he needs  in order to have a successful bright future.  B.J.

My son is a different child than he was a year ago.  While he would have made changes and great strides regardless of school, I know that ABP made a big difference in his ability to responsibly assert himself, feel confident about his choices and trust certain adults aside from mom and dad.  K.B.

Great school!  My son has been there since he was 2, he is now 5!  He loves going there, the staff is very friendly, helpful and qualified.  The teachers make learning fun in a loving, clean, safe environment! Excellent experience at Alden Bridge Preschool!!  A parent

My daughter attended Alden Bridge Preschool for 2 years before heading to elementary school.  She loved it there.  Her last year gave her such a great head start for starting Kindergarten.  Her teacher was a qualified elementary teacher.  What I liked about the school is the classes (classrooms) are very large and spacious, a lot of the other schools I’d looked at had rooms that were quite cramped and small.  The outside facilities were great too.  She got music, Spanish, and movement classes as part of her day. Anonymous

We moved to the United States from overseas just over three years ago.  A friend of mine suggested I check Alden Bridge Preschool out for my then two year old son.  I was extremely happy with the class sizes, the actual class room sizes, the teachers, the admin assistant and the director.  My son is now in his third year there and I have nothing but praise for this school.  The teachers have loved my son and guided him with care.  They have provided him with a fun and safe environment in which to grow learn and socialize.  I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a Preschool that is full of lovely people that care for your children as if they are their own.  S.T

All 3 of my kids have attended ABP – my oldest started in 2006 and my youngest is currently enrolled and I’m re-enrolling her for next year.  They definitely prepared my two oldest boys (who each attended ABP for 3 years) for elementary school, as both boys have rated at the top of their class academically (on report card grades and standardized tests results) (my oldest is now in 3rd grade and youngest is in 1st) and both boys receive excellent conduct marks in elementary school.  I believe the most important role of a preschool is to foster a LOVE of school early in a child’s life and all three of my kids LOVE school!  The teachers and administrators at ABP are sweet to the kids and attentive to any parent concerns.  Plenty of opportunities for parent involvement as well.  A.W.

My daughter attended Alden Bridge for three years and my son is currently a student there.  My daughter had wonderful, loving teachers all three years and was always very excited to go to school every day.  She had a strong foundation going to Kindergarten and is a very good student.  My son went to a pre-school not far from Alden Bridge and did not excel there.  The classrooms were extremely small compared to Alden Bridge.  I decided to switch him to Alden Bridge and I can’t tell you what a difference that has made.  He has grown and learned so much already this year and is overall just a happier child.  I would highly recommend Alden Bridge.  S.A.

Wonderful and loving teachers and staff.  Very attentive to students and needs of the class.  The teachers are excellent and do everything they can to provide an educational and Christian focus.  Anonymous

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